Rock Climbing 101: Father vs. Son

The one thing I hate is when little kids think they no more than their parents.  I know I know, as kids we used to do the same thing to our parent but………  Well….you know now we understand what our parents meant when they used to say that.

So anyways, my oldest son, Deiondre (age 11), had the nerve to challenge me in a rock climbing contest.  Now come on son.  I’m much stronger, faster, wiser and just flat out way more athletic than you are lil’ dude.  I mean really, what makes you think that u can beat me in anything?

Maaannn forget it… I have nothing more to say.  Roll the tape please!!!!



  1. Hahaha

  2. C’mon Swizzy!!!! How you talk that smack then get smashed in the race! Its all good man!


  3. LMAO!!!

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