Young Buck feat. Duece – I Got Money (prod. by S1)


So I’m browsing HHG, and I see this track by Young Buck called “I Got Money”.  Listen Here  I’m thinkin’ to myself,  Now I got a beat called “I Got Money”…. and also I got a real solid IN with G-Unit soooo….hmmmm.  Still tryin to put two and two together I click on the link and hear my son’s voice say “You know why pimpin’?, Cuz I Get Money”….  I’m like “WoW! Buck recorded to this joint?”   lol    My Inside man tells me that someone leaked it and should not have.  So right there tells me this could’ve been possible album cut.  🙂  Still could be…… Its all good tho.  I’m real good. Expect some other S1 joints with Young Buck and the whole G-Unit Crew in the VERY near future.  🙂   G-G-G-G-G-Unit!!!!   lol

O yeah, Big ups to my mans Joe Young who concepted the hook and my youngest son, JaVohn, who’s voice I sampled singing it.

Expect to hear more from my sons, Vohndee(Javohn[age 10] and Deiondre[age 11]).  I did a series of beats that they both recorded the hooks on and 3 of them have already been picked up by BIG MAJOR ARTIST.  🙂



  1. That Beat is mad Dope! I remeber hearing that on your video you have on myspace first. I wonder why they cut the intro so short tho ?

  2. yoo, thats dope man…congrats.

  3. Word Up S1!! keep the heat coming…

  4. That’s whatz up homie! Keep doing ya thang!

  5. damn man…congrats!

  6. CRAAAZY!!!!!

  7. thats a great look

  8. Good luck with this NOW. 😦

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