Dave Chappelle meets S1….lol

Yo Dave,  Lets make this happen...lol

No people.   This is not a photo shopped picture with special effects, or an image of Dave that was drawn in by some around da way painter or artist.  

 Yes….I repeat, Yes it is Dave Chappelle himself.  with of course, your mans S1 and S2(Wifey).  I told the misses, “Wake up!  This is not a Dream!!!” (eyes closed)    lol  



1 Comment

  1. When was anybody going to tell me that yall met the best comedian in the game now besides Katt Williams. Yall didnt get me a autograph or nothing…Im so hurt, just so hurt right now…Im going to go eat an entire box of Frosted Flakes while listening to that new Young Buck I Got Money and scratch lottery tickets.

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