SFP and Busta Rhymes in Prague, Czech Republic

So we been on this 2 week European tour and its been MAGNIFICO!  We had a few dates with Busta Rhymes and Dilated Peoples in Norway,  Sweden,  Czech Republic,  Amsterdam, and a few others.

All I can is MANNNNNN, I had a BLAST!! The World is so much BIGGER thru my eyes now.  I’m about to go home and really use this inspiration to create some Nui, Nui(thats some new gems for u slow cats..)…lol   

But really it was very humblin to go across the world and to see people that are BIG fans of Strange Fruit Project and of my production(or fans of me as a producer).  Really MInd blowin’…

I was able to capture a smidget of the Busta Show …..not to mention, this was our first time actually rockin a Stadium.   🙂  


SFP presents S1 in The Music Box

I know, I know…..”Its been along time…I shouldn’t have left you”…..lol between finishing this album up and touring in Europe, along with the everyday life and family duties, i haven’t been bloggin like i should have. but i know…. no excuses right?>?? Your right! so im back in full effect..lol i will be bloggin at least once a week for the fam.

Sooooo……..Im about 2 weeks away from finishing up my solo production LP, The Music Box. The album has about 14 cuts on it from some your favorite artist like Rah Digga, Phonte and Pooh(of Little Brother), Speech(of Arrested Development) and lots more…..
You can check out the promo cartoon and new single “Mash” featuring Big Pooh and Kay(The Foundation) HERE: The Music Box