In the Studio with S1 and Caleb: Part II

What it Dew fam!   Here’s a video of my keys player (Caleb) and I in the Studio cranking a beat batch out for the new 50 Cent album (Before I Self Destruct).  Recently I’ve been sending crazy batches of stuff over his way.  Word is that He(50) loved the “I Get Money” track as well. 

I guess time will tell if I make the album or not.  🙂   Big ups to my mans Caleb as well.  I had to draft him on the team when I first saw him melt the ivory with his fingers.   Dude is my hero on the keys….lol    Enjoy and Stay Tuned……   S1



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  2. Dude,

    He’s a beast… And Caleb is my son’s name so I had to check it out when I got the email update…

    You stay craftin’ that HEAT!!!

    Out of curiosity, who’d that Ten Thousand beat go to? I was bummed about that one just because I already tracked a verse to it and it was so different and ill – but I have no doubt that you have other stuff that I’d love…


  3. DAMN!! The way I’m nodding my head’s about to put me BACK in the hospital!! LOL

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