Album Sampler Download Link – (The Music Box Avail. July 22nd)

Sup fam… So my album release date is so rapidly approaching us. (BIG SMILES) lol Here’s a downloadable link to the Album Sampler. Check it out and be sure to let me know wut you think. Also, Be sure to pick the album up from I-tunes on Tuesday, July 22nd. Until then………check the tracklisting and peep the sampler. Ta Ta -S1

Album Sampler Download:  

1. Intro/ Music Box feat. Speech (of Arrested Development)
2. Mash feat. Rapper Pooh (of Little Brother) and Kay (Foundation)
3. Everybody Clap feat. LifeSavas and Tanya Morgan
4. Neva feat. Tone Trezure
5. Next Level feat. Aeonz(SFP, Verbal Seed, PPT, Mone, Deloach, Pumah, Brown Lion)
6. Life is A Movie feat. Rah Digga
7. Chemistry feat. Yolanda Johnson
8. Callin Me feat. Phonte (of Little Brother)
9. Know Your Name feat. Mojoe, The Ill, Headkrack
10. Who Stole the Music feat. Knessecary, Bavu Blakes, and Glenn Reynolds
11. Be Sure feat. DV Alias Khryst
12. Jimmy Swag Art feat. Strange Fruit Project and Dawg Wonder
13. Upper Echelon feat. Skyzoo, Supastition, and Dow Jones
14. Tired feat. Darien Brockington
15. Supafly feat. Inspectah Deck, Blu, and Chucky Sly
16. Shake ya Body feat. SFP and Pikahsso


SFP presents S1 in The Music Box

I know, I know…..”Its been along time…I shouldn’t have left you”… between finishing this album up and touring in Europe, along with the everyday life and family duties, i haven’t been bloggin like i should have. but i know…. no excuses right?>?? Your right! so im back in full i will be bloggin at least once a week for the fam.

Sooooo……..Im about 2 weeks away from finishing up my solo production LP, The Music Box. The album has about 14 cuts on it from some your favorite artist like Rah Digga, Phonte and Pooh(of Little Brother), Speech(of Arrested Development) and lots more…..
You can check out the promo cartoon and new single “Mash” featuring Big Pooh and Kay(The Foundation) HERE: The Music Box

The Music Box Photo Sessions

For all of you late kats, I have a solo production that will be coming out this June entitled The Music Box.  I will be handling all the production on the album and expect some dope features from Rah Digga, Little Brother, Speech(Arrested Development), Tanya Morgan, Blu, Kay, my Aeonz crew, and lots more.  Here a little video from the photo shoot for this project.  Stay tuned………..  S1

King Kong is Coming!!!!! (50 Cent??? The Game??? Busta Rhymes???)

Here is the New Promo Ad for the New 50 Cent/Game/Busta Album.  lol   hmmmm..  Yea right!!  Mannn that would be nice!  Cut da check homie fo real….. ha ha  You never know tho, yall could easily be hearing this track very soon in its full blown out form.  🙂 God is Good!

How about you guys be the judge…  Lets call this segment “The King Kong of Hip Hop Poll”. 

So who would this track and advertisement campaign represent to the fullest?   50 Cent, The Game, or Busta Rhymes?  or maybe T.I. or Ludacris?  Kanye?  You make the final call.

Opinions, Comments, and Feedback are very much welcome please.    🙂

In The Studio With S1: Part I

Heres sort of like a mini Documentary of myself and a little bit of what I do in the studio.  It will be a 4 part series, so this is the first installement of it.  🙂

So yall come along and take a trip thru my musical mind and see what I do on a day to day basis in da lab.  Enjoy!

S1 Showcases @ The One Stop Shop Producer Conference(2008)

What a Glorious Day it was!  lol   Just imagine playing beats in front of classic dope producers and legends like Mr. Porter, No I.D., Chamillionare, Swizz Beats, Sha Money, and Primo just to name a few.  Well….. This(Video) is me showcasing at The One Stop Shop Producer Beat Battlle in AZ this year(2008).  I competed against 10 dope producers and got 2nd place in the first round which took me to the finals where I competed against the other Top 3 cats. 

This event brought hundreds of producers like myself along with other Industry cats together for great networking and sharing alot of great information in a 2 day weekend. I was accompanied by my homies Oneself and Picnic(who are also part of our Cassette Union production team). We had a BLLLLAAASSTTTTT!!!!! Check out pics of our trip RIGHT HERE    🙂